Prisons in Europe. 2019 report on European prisons and penitentiary systems

In the European Union, over 584,485 people are currently detained in penal institutes. Countries with the highest prison population are the United Kingdom and Poland (with over 93,000 and over 73,000 detainees respectively) followed by France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, whose prison systems host around 64,000 detainees each. Prison populations have to drop of over 30,000 people to find the following group made up by Romania and the Czech Republic, with a little over 22,000 prisoners. The most numerous group of remaining countries follows at a short distance with numbers ranging between 619 of Malta, and almost 17,000 of Hungary.





Rights in prison in Europe and in Russia

With the support of the Eu-Russia Civil Society Forum Antigone and the Russian Ngo Man and Law developed the project “Rights in prison. EU-Russia Civil Society Forum and the defence of fundamental rights in the penitentiary system”.
On 6-8 July 2016, a working meeting of the team took place in Rome, Italy. Apart from the project partners - Alessio Scandurra from the "Antigone" Association (Rome) and Irina Protasova from the NGO "Man and Law" (Yoshkar-Ola), the events gathered representatives of the civilian oversight commissions from the Republic of Mari-Eland the Tomsk Region and the "For Civil Rights" Committee (Russia) as well as NGOs "A Buon Diritto" and "Forum Droghe" (Italy), and others.

On 6 July 2016, the Open Event "Civil Society in Russia and Italy. Share of Experiences and Cooperation Opportunities" was held.
Later on an Italian delegation travelled to Russia, but this time not everything went as planned. The representatives of three Italian human rights organisations - Antigone, Arcigay and A Buon Diritto - that were visiting the offices of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture in Nizhny Novgorod were detained by police for 10 hours and each fined 2,000 roubles for allegedly violating migration rules before being released. After the release the Italian embassy recommended the member of the Italian delegation to travel back to Italy as soon as possible.

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